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Congrats! You have both established a solid boundary for eating appropriate nutrients, choosing higher quality foods, eating well consistently, and eating well intuitively; as well as have chosen to continue mastering the healthy habits needed for long term health and weight maintenance. You will be able to go back and view past materials from Part A as you progress through Part B, if you would like.

In part B (the program you are viewing here) we will practice additional skills that are very important for overall health and weight maintenance. At a high level, they are preparing for and enduring stress, getting enough and high quality sleep, and getting enough and enjoying exercise.

This 12 weeks will operate just like Part A. Every week we will have a practice focus. You will continue to follow your Quick Start guide every week. Not satisfied with your progress or struggling to follow the guide? Please contact me! We can make adjustments to your plan. 😊

PS: If you didn’t complete the course survey at the end of Part A, please help both of us by completing it here now.

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