Recommended Products & Services

Don’t see something you need listed here? I am always on the sleuth for good products. Let me know what you are looking for!

Just Thrive – love probiotic & antioxidant supplement! For 15% off use coupon code: COOKINGCAITLIN
MyProtein – love they’re Protein powder!
Previlli – gut health support
Renpho – smart scales (haven’t tried yet but good reviews)
Misfits – this link will get you $10 off! I’ve gotten this affordable organic produce delivery for almost 2 years now!
HealthyWage – a great way to enhance your weight loss motivation! Bet on yourself!
RealEats– pending as I’m about to try them. Locally sourced almost ready to eat whole food meals.
KidStir – Kids cooking kits. Spend quality time with your kids while they learn how to cook!