Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.


Sarah, 29, faced a trauma that left her heavier — in body and spirit — than before coaching with us. But after a second round, Sarah lost 52 lbs and is stronger than ever — inside and out. Read More

Enough is enough, Something’s got to change.


A former college athlete and high school football coach, David knew his way around the gym. Problem was he ate more doughnuts than he did push-ups.

He got his butt in gear, lost 82 pounds, and now his kids are his new reason to stay in shape. Read More

It’s not selfish to take time to go to the gym. It’s not selfish to care about my own health. It’s self-love.


Lisanne, 39, had a hard time keeping the weight off. With the birth of each of her 3 children, the number on the scale just kept climbing higher.

Now, 38 pounds lighter with more energy for her family, she’s much happier. Read More

Precision Nutrition Coaching is so easy to follow that it really didn’t take long for me to start seeing results. It’s amazing what happened when I started becoming aware of my lifestyle.

Dr. Steve

As an emergency room surgeon, Dr. Steve Leech knew how to fix others. But when he reached 230 pounds, he knew it was about time to fix himself.

The good doctor went on to lose 55 pounds, build muscle, and take on new challenges. Read More

I had my confidence back. I could look in the mirror and smile.


Heather, 37, had tried everything — including weight loss surgery.

One year after joining Precision Nutrition Coaching, she was 47 pounds slimmer, healthier and more confident than she’d ever thought possible. Read More